Lanusha Lancer

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BreedingBerlin x Elvis Ter Putte x Nabab de Reve
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CommentsFirst foal (ET) from Nusha van de Bisschop whose dam and grand dam are Evita van't Roosakker and Usha van't Roosakker respectively.

Usha has 3 licensed stallions and 4 x 1.60 sj whilst the offspring of Evita (still young) look to be developing as well.

Nusha foal x Cavalier Royale was sold for approx €40,000 in 2018.
Broodmare at Lancer Stud
2024 BreedingSire: Mildenberger XX
Dam Sire: Berlin
Dam Dam Sire: Elvis Ter Putte
Due Date11.6.24

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